About Us

Celebrity Computer Consulting is solely owned and operated by Bruce Hellstrom. Bruce has over 25 years of professional computer experience and another 15 years of amateur experience prior to that. His first computer programming class was in 1976 and that started a long history of working with computers every chance he got. Working at various jobs in other industries through 1989, Bruce would always learn about the computers at the workplace and would end up doing some kind of programming for them, even when it was not in his job description.

In the early 1980's, computers had finally made it into the home and Bruce has had computers around him ever since. From the original Timex Sinclair, to the TI-99/4A, to many different IBM PC machines, the Hellstrom household has never been without multiple computers. His experience dates back to when Bill Gates was a kid who dropped out of university to start a little company called Microsoft, and Steve Jobs was just joining up with Steve Wozniak to found Apple Computer.

After several years of just personal programming and computer usage, Bruce started his professional career working for a tax software company, then on to Symantec Corporation where he worked for 13 years as a principal software developer. From there it was on to a web hosting company to learn about server management and large scale server operations as well as newer web technologies and languages.

All the while, Bruce was always helping people on the side and Celebrity Computer Consulting was officially launched in 2005. The business consists of a mixture of large scale contracts as well as local general computer help and education. We service several international clients as well.

Bruce is an accomplished programmer with proficiency in many languages including C++, Java, Perl, visual J#, PHP, Javascript, XHTML, CSS, and XML/XSLT as well as a wealth of general computer knowledge in all levels of hardware and software.

What about the name?

Being in the Los Angeles area, we've had the opportunity to work with some celebrities, hence the company name. But no matter who it is, everyone gets the same level of quality service, and the same level of privacy which is why most customers keep coming back to Celebrity Computer Consulting for all of their computer needs.