General Consulting Rate:

$50 per hour plus expenses. *

There is no markup on hardware or software items we purchase for you. Your price is the price we pay. When time permits we will try and find you the best price available from a variety of stores.

To avoid time pressures for both the client and the technician, we (and most of our customers) prefer that we quote a job rate rather than charge the hourly fee when possible. In this case, you will be given a price after the job has been evaluated. That will be the price you pay at the completion of the job regardless of how long it takes. Any unforseen expenses that might occur during the work, will be discussed with the client and any additional expense must be approved by the customer.

* Expenses include any parts, software, or hardware necessary to do the job. There is also a $.10 per mile charge for customers whose location is over 30 miles from the CCC office.